If you’re a regular visitor to Awful Announcing, you know that WFAN host Mike Francesa owns a horse, the aptly named Mongo Nation. Well, Mongo Nation raced yesterday so Francesa decided to take a commercial break during his show to watch the horse run.

And after coming out of break during which Francesa saw Mongo Nation win the race, the Sports Pope decided to text his trainer. Not off the air, but live as people were listening …. It was certainly not radio gold, but more like radio dreck.


“Let me just text the trainer congratulations cuz they like that .. you know … say congratulations … uh … so let me do that cuz he’s trying to reach me right now … so let me just do that … uh…. umm ……”

That is just compelling radio there, listening to a host sending his trainer a congrats text. At this point where Francesa is just counting down the days to his final show, it seems like he just doesn’t care. Whether it’s forgetting that Maryland was in the Big Ten or throwing out a wacky opinion to see if it will stick, Francesa is at the point where his bosses aren’t going to say anything to him whether it’s live texting or throwing out dead air.

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