The New York Mets are baseball’s hottest team, with wins in 15 of their last 17 games. It’s led to Mike Francesa going from having hilarious rants about the Mets to now talking playoffs for a team that’s suddenly just one game out of the NL Wild Card race.

Well, the WFAN host decided to pull out a pen and piece of paper to figure out how many games the Mets (61-57) need to win to make the playoffs. Keep in mind that there’s no required win amount; the Mets simply need to win more games than the other teams in the Wild Card race (for two slots), and they’re currently only one game back.

But Francesa mumbled out a bunch of numbers and sounds while he did math on a piece of paper for over a minute, before ultimately concluding that he thinks the Mets need to reach 89 or 90 wins. And Eddie in Hoboken called in to let Francesa know that “listening to the dead air while [Francesa] is doing math is one of the greatest things out there.”

Brilliant math breakdown and thrilling radio there from Mike.

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