Mike Francesa was missing from his show on Tuesday, but he had a good reason. Francesa revealed that he had a prior commitment to film a movie called Uncut Gems that will star Adam Sandler and be produced by Martin Scorsese. Not much is known about the plot, but according to Wikipedia and what Francesa describes, it’s a crime drama set in New York, it is a “serious movie” that is “actually gonna open in movie theaters,” and “it’s not like a Netflix movie or anything.”

Francesa went on this tangent explaining why he wasn’t on the show the day before to explain why he didn’t talk about something else that was unspecified from @BackAftaThis clip of Francesa detailing his day on a “major motion picture” set.


It’s classic Francesa, complete with taking forever to explain this story and name dropping some of Hollywood’s biggest hitters. I could transcribe this in a cleaner way, but where’s the fun in that? Feel free to read this with your best Francesa imitation and really witness this monologue in print.

“The…you know there was some, I didn’t get to it because I wasn’t here yesterday. Um…I guess, you know I can say that, I had committed a while ago…to being in a movie with uh that uh it was, you know, listen you get a chance to do this, you’re gonna do it. The uh, the writers, the Safdie Brothers had written uh had uh…written me into a movie…uh…that Adam Sandler is doing. A serious movie…that’ll be out, that’ll probably be out next year. It’s actually gonna open in movie theaters, it’s not like a Netflix movie or anything, it’s a major motion picture, it’s actually a movie that is uh being produced by uh…Scorsese. Uh, he’s not the director, but he’s, you know, one of the producers, executive producers. And…it’s a movie called Uncut Gems, and he, it’s a serious role for him. So uh, it’s a very different role for him. And…they wrote a couple scenes for me in the movie so they asked me if I wanted to do it and I said “Oh yeah, absolutely.”

Well, I went yesterday at 7 and…you know, until you do that and I’ve never done that, I’ve done a couple commercials, I’ve done some voiceovers for movies, I had done some voiceovers for different shows but most of that was…you know, come in…take a script, do the voiceover. Or even do a commercial, go in, do your lines. You might have to do…you know, this way, that way, do it for close up, do that, I’ve done that for commercials, that’s fine. Never anything like this. This is so technical and takes so long, I was there 13 hours uh, you know…and I was in two scenes but I actually, there’s you know, some time, there’s downtime in between. So I was watching the game…you know, the Brewer game yesterday with Sandler. We were watching it in his trailer because we were just killing time. And we were in two scenes together. So um…they wrote me in uh, you know uh as, not as myself, they wrote me in as uh as a character in the in the in the movie, that takes place in New York so um…it was quite an experience, it really is.”

Snark aside, this is pretty cool and Francesa seems pretty happy about doing this movie, so I’m happy for him. And I guess when your name is also the name of the show, you can talk about whatever you want. Dan Patrick better not get jealous that Francesa is now in movies with Adam Sandler.


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