Yesterday’s episode of The Mike Francesa Show was delayed a bit, and Mike Francesa really wanted to let his audience know why that happened.

In his two minute explanation, Francesa explained that because producer Chris McMonigle is on paternity leave, the same person has to end a show in one studio and then go start Francesa’s show in another studio.

If that was the extent of his explanation, this probably wouldn’t have created much of a stir. However, Francesa proceeded to venture into “Old Man Yells at Cloud” territory and ranted about fathers getting paternity leave when the mother is the one giving birth, while publicly trashing the station itself live on the air at the same time.

I’ll give Francesa credit for noting that if it’s going to be a problem to have one person run the boards for both shows, maybe it’s best to have them do that separately. Francesa also claimed that this issue is due to WFAN being “cheap” and not having the money to do that, but considering how much they’re paying Francesa, they can probably find the money somewhere.

Either way, if it’s that much of a problem and WFAN can only have one person in that role, maybe the producer from the previous show can train someone else on staff how to work the boards just enough that they can do the bare minimum for a few minutes and start the show until they can get there and take over. That seems the most logical strategy, not only for this scenario, but potential future situations where someone may need to take time off.

Most of Francesa’s rant, however, was about paternity leave.

“These new rules, you get a lot of time off. I don’t know when you’ll see the guy again, I have no idea, who knows. I don’t know, come back in a month or three months or four months, I don’t know how it works. There’s some ridiculous rules now that I just don’t understand but you get a lot of time off. The male does, not the female, the female deserves all the time off that she wants. I mean, she should get six months, I’m all for that but the male gets a lot of time off too.”

I get Francesa became a father at a time when paternity leave wasn’t as common, but the more society evolves and realizes that both parents being home with their child can only be a good thing, fathers are going to receive more paternity leave to help make life easier for both the mother and the baby.

In the middle of all this, Francesa briefly congratulated McMonigle and his wife on the birth of their son before continuing his rant. That’s probably the most Francesa thing ever – slipping a congratulations to a colleague in the middle of a rant about your employer and paternity leave.

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