The New York Yankees have had their fair share of injuries this season. Even right now, 12 players are currently out but this also applies to the broadcast booth. Yesterday, Yankees radio voice John Sterling revealed he was going to be out for the Yankees’ four game series against the Tampa Bay Rays due to feeling “under the weather,” breaking a broadcasting streak that has lasted 30 years.

Now, Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay revealed that he will be missing some time due to what he described as a “vocal cord issue.” In a series of tweets, Kay said he saw a specialist in Boston who recommended surgery and will do just that, spending about a month to recover afterwards.

Kay has his fans and his haters but that can be set aside for something like this. Vocal cord surgery is very serious, moreso if your voice is literally what you make your living on, so Kay is taking this very seriously and is taking the time required to get him back to 100 percent. Kay has had recent vocal issues and if it’s not going to improve on its own, you may as well take a moment and get better. And considering the summer is usually a lighter time for sports talk radio, now is the perfect time for Kay to go in for surgery. The best everyone can do is wish Michael Kay well and hopes he makes a speedy recovery back to the booth.


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