WPLG 10 cuts into ABC Stanley Cup Final broadcast Credit: ESPN on ABC; WPLG Miami ABC affiliate WPLG 10 cut into the network’s Stanley Cup Final broadcast coverage to air local news.

The Florida Panthers and their fans have been waiting 30 years to win a Stanley Cup, and when that magic moment finally arrived Monday, ABC affiliate WPLG 10 in Miami reaped the benefits of broadcasting the game being played just 20 miles away.

Yet some fans think the station inexplicably dropped the ball — or the puck, if you will — cutting away from ESPN on ABC’s post-game coverage of the Panthers’ celebration to show local news. The station abruptly cut to a commercial right in the middle of reporter Emily Kaplan’s interview with Panthers GM Bill Zito.

After a commercial break, the local newscast began.

To be completely fair, Local 10 News opened with video of the Panthers winning the game and the celebration that followed, along with extensive coverage of the championship.

So it was a calculated, risky and perhaps wise decision for WPLG to prioritize its coverage over the remaining network feed.

Fans had different views on WPLG’s decision.


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