The time when Keith Hernandez ogled over a female fan eating a huge hot dog. Screengrab: SNY

Perhaps you may have missed it at the Twilight of an 8-0 shutout at the hands of the Miami Marlins on Friday, but SNY had quite the callback to one of Keith Hernandez’s most infamous moments.

Over a decade ago — we can’t believe it’s been that long either — the longtime New York Mets game analyst on SNY ogled over a female fan eating a huge hot dog.

The Mets were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks on a random Tuesday in April 2014 when the broadcast cameras found a couple in the stands eating one of the infamous $25 hot dogs at Chase Field. We know it’s been 10 years, but the “D-Bat Dog” was an 18-inch stuffed corn dog.

Naturally, Hernandez and play-by-play voice Gary Cohen were bemused by the scene in front of them in the desert.

“My goodness,” Hernandez said as he ogled over what he deemed a rather attractive female fan.

“How much meat is in a $25 hot dog?” asked Cohen. “I mean, a few pounds, right?”

Hernandez wasn’t talking about the hot dog.

The chuckle and uncomfortable silence after Hernandez’s “I wasn’t talking about the hot dog” might have stretched on if the producer hadn’t switched the camera to show the vendor carrying the giant hot dog through the concourse.

But the awkwardness wasn’t over. The cameras cut back to the woman and her friend, prompting another comment from Hernandez: “She looks fit. She must be a runner.”

With that backstory out of the way, let’s turn our attention back to Friday’s game in Miami.

As SNY tends to do during road games, the cameras will show shots of some of the ballpark food. And during a lull in the eighth inning, with the Mets down 6-0, Hernandez and Cohen talked about the “monster” hot dogs at LoanDepot Park.

“At least this time, you were talking about the hot dog,” Cohen quipped.

A decade later, it seems Hernandez has learned a valuable lesson — stick to commenting on the food, not the fans enjoying it. And even after all these years, Hernandez’s hot dog gaffe remains a memorable,  yet perhaps slightly cringeworthy, moment in his iconic broadcasting history.

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