Mets announcers Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling were highly critical of Jorge López's actions following an ejection. Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen call the Dodgers 9-3 victory over the Mets on Wednesday. Photo Credit: SNY

Things were already going poorly for the New York Mets when reliever Jorge López was ejected in the eighth inning of Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mets announcers Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and especially Ron Darling were highly critical of López’s actions following the ejection.

The Dodgers and Mets were tied 3-3 entering the eighth inning. Los Angeles not only took the lead but blew the game completely open, scoring six runs. López threw a 2-1 pitch to Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman, who appeared to check his swing. On appeal, third base umpire Ramon De Jesus ruled that it was a checked swing and the pitch was a ball, frustrating López.

The pitcher argued with the umpire, who promptly ejected him from the game.

“That’s frustration by López,” Darling said. “I don’t know how López and Ramon De Jesus would have anything to say to each other.”

“What has been a bad day all the way around has just gotten worse,” Cohen said, commenting on the ejection. As he said that, the camera changed, showing a replay of López tossing his glove into the crowd. “López responds by tossing his glove up over the netting and into the crowd.”

“That’s where the Mets are at right now,” Darling said. “It’s not a good optic.”

The SNY crew later broke down the ejection. Hernandez was critical of De Jesus.

“Ramon could have let it go, Hernandez said. “He’s got a short fuse. He’s got a short fuse.”

While Darling didn’t disagree, he didn’t let López off the hook, either.

“Sometimes you’ve got to sense the frustration from the players,” Darling said. “But still, that was above and beyond, in my estimation, from López.”

“Just about everything in this Murphy’s Law month of May that could have gone wrong has been encapsulated in the Mets’ Wednesday in New York,” Cohen said.

A replay was then shown of López being walked off of the field by manager Carlos Mendoza.

“López getting cooled down by his manager, who wants to avoid a suspension,” Cohen said, right as López’s glove toss was being shown again. “This won’t help.”

“I know frustration is high right now with this club,” Darling said. “But you just can’t do that.”

More was to come, as well.

Following the game, the Mets had a team meeting, causing a delay to the normal media session. When the media availability got going, though, it was significant.

Mendoza would say that López’s actions were “not acceptable” and that the Mets would address the matter “internally.”

When asked to respond to those comments, López said, “I don’t regret it.” He also added, “I think I’ve been on the worst team in probably the whole ******* MLB,” later clarifying that he meant to say he’s the worst teammate on the worst team.

At the end of it all, López was designated for assignment. So, while Wednesday was a miserable day for the Mets, we can’t say it was boring.

[Photo Credit: SNY]

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