Jordan Clarkson on KUTV.

One of the great running things in the local media world is when athletes are unintentionally interviewed as part of a regular “person on the street” segment, from Chris Long being interviewed about his Powerball ticket purchase to Alex Ovechkin being interviewed about snowstorm preparations. The latest case of this comes from Hayley Cromblehome of Salt Lake City CBS affiliate KUTV. But, in a twist for these kinds of stories, Cromblehome herself brought this to wider attention with tweets about how she realized it was Clarkson afterwards:

The clip there of “Did you go to any Jazz games?” and the response of “Yeah, a lot” is amazing. And here’s Clarkson spelling his name:

For his part, Clarkson had fun with this on Twitter:

It’s easy to criticize a reporter for this, but it’s worth noting that Cromblehome is a news reporter with KUTV, not one particularly assigned to sports. And it can be hard to identify people outside of a situation where you expect to encounter them. (Heck, some of us have a hard enough time identifying faces in a situation where they’re somewhat expected.) At any rate, Cromblehome handled the follow-up here well:

And this made for a pretty funny moment.

[Hayley Crombleholme on Twitter]

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