Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez

Considering some of the things Keith Hernandez has knowingly said on-air, putting his name in a headline next to “hot mic” could go in several directions.

Thankfully, Wednesday afternoon’s hot mic incident was harmless and maybe even endearing. Earlier in the week, Hernandez made enemies with the entire city of Philadelphia when he trashed the Phillies lack of “fundies,” but on Wednesday, Hernandez ingratiated himself to a new group of people, Shania Twain fans.

As SNY returned from a commercial break to begin the bottom of the sixth inning, Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like a Woman! could be heard playing over Citi Field’s PA system. With “Feel the attraction, color my hair, do what I dare, Oh-oh-oh” blasting in the background, Hernandez asked play-by-play voice Gary Cohen, “who sings this song?”

“I like this song,” Hernandez admitted after Cohen informed him of the artist. As Cohen introduced the game’s next pitcher, Hernandez had another question. “We were just on-air?”

“Yeah,” Cohen answered. “That was all on the air.”

“Oh, I thought we were off the air,” Hernandez said with a laugh, perhaps mildly embarrassed after professing his affinity for Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

“Well, I consider that a victory, Keith,” Cohen added. “Because there’s nothing that you said that causes any problems. You’re not gonna be trending, at least not in the next few minutes. No phone calls from the FCC or the boss.”

The Mets hosted their first Women’s Day at Citi Field on Wednesday, which prompted outfielder Brandon Nimmo to use Man! I Feel Like a Woman! as his walkup music. Newly dubbed folk hero Daniel Vogelbach added to his legend by using Kelis’ Milkshake. The song choice caused some confusion in the booth as Hernandez didn’t understand what it meant. Luckily for SNY, Hernandez’s reaction to learning about Milkshake was kept off mic.


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