Keith Hernandez flips off the SNY cameras.

Keith Hernandez is just generally fun as a broadcaster, and he’s demonstrated that over the past couple of days. First, on Friday, Hernandez got the world talking by accidentally flipping off the SNY camera during a Mets-Padres broadcast while trying to demonstrate the finger injury he suffered shaving with a straight-edge razor:

It’s funny how quickly Hernandez realizes what he’s just done, saying “Whoops, I can’t do that,” and Gary Cohen’s response of “Well, it’s our 24th game and that’s the highlight so far” was also pretty great. And given Hernandez’s history with the Mets as a player and a broadcaster, this led to comparisons to Mr. Met’s infamous 2017 one-finger salute:

In any case, Hernandez apologized for his inadvertent flipping of the bird on Friday night:

And then, ahead of Saturday’s game, he told a fun story about his Dr. Seuss-inspired tie, and how he got it from the Seinfeld wardrobe department:

This MLB season has barely begun, and it’s already led to a whole lot of great moments from Hernandez (including a story about how he’s able to get home so quickly after home games, his decision to join Twitter and further update the world on his cat Hadji, and his phone going off during the broadcast of a spring training game). Hopefully there will be many more to come.

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