Jon Kruk discussing Adam Wainwright's comments on Brandon Marsh's hair Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia

During the broadcast of Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies, John Kruk, a former All-Star for the Phillies and current color commentator, took issue with a comment made by Fox broadcaster Adam Wainwright regarding the unique hair of Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh.

Wainwright, along with Fox play-by-play man Adam Amin, discussed Marsh’s hair in detail during the first inning of Saturday’s game between the Phillies and the Atlanta Braves, likening Marsh’s hair to “rat tails”.

“I had a chance to talk to (Brandon) Marsh earlier,” said Wainwright. “I said, ‘What is it that you put in your hair before the game?’ He says water… It looks like a bunch of rat tails stuck together, to me.”

Phillies fans immediately took issue with this, which ended up getting Wainwright’s attention on social media, prompting an explanation.

“Hi Kate! Sorry for the misunderstanding,” wrote Wainwright on X. “I love Brandon Marsh! I’m actually a huge fan of his! I also think it’s cool that he has created a look that’s personal to him and actually probably pretty marketable! Also, big fan of this Phillies team. If they get healthy they’re my pick to win it all which I’m pretty sure I said yesterday also. Thanks for tuning in.”

This prompted Kruk and Phillies’ play-by-play voice Tom McCarthy to discuss Wainwright’s comments in the second inning of Tuesday’s game.

“I don’t know what those guys on that other game… Talking about (Brandon) Marsh’s beard and hair. I think it looks damn good,” said Kruk.

“I think they got off track a little bit on that one,” replied McCarthy.

Kruk had quite the head of lettuce himself during his 10-year MLB career. So it’s not much of a surprise to see him defending Marsh here.

To further Kruk’s point, it’s not like Marsh is the only player who has sported this kind of look over the years. Longtime Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon has rocked an eerily similar long beard and hair combination for years now, which has similarly been discussed during a live broadcast before.

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