Former Saints and Colts head coach Jim Mora is one of the most colorful individuals who has ever graced the sidelines. He currently serves as a studio analyst in New Orleans for one of the local stations and showed that trademark colorful personality last night.

As the studio pitched to Mora on location, he riffed away without knowing he was on television and said one of those words you definitely shouldn’t say. The reaction of his on-air colleagues was quite priceless.

While that was a great moment, it wasn’t quite the same as some of Mora’s more infamous and greatest coaching rants. Given how the Saints played last night in their disappointing loss to the Vikings, I’m surprised Mora didn’t launch full into “diddly poo” territory.

Then again, we’ve got 15 more games to go in the season so there’s still plenty of time left for more classic Jim Mora content this season.