Jeff Bagwell's phone plays music during broadcast

If you were watching the Houston Astros on AT&T SportsNet Monday night and began hearing the faint sound of music in the background, blame Jeff Bagwell.

During the sixth inning of the Astros’ 12-2 win over the Milwaukee Brewers Monday night, music began playing on the broadcast in a way that if you were watching, you may have even checked your phone attempting to figure out where the sound was coming from. But it wasn’t your phone playing the music, it wasn’t the stadium either, it was analyst Bagwell’s phone over a hot mic.

“Is that music coming from your phone?” Astros play-by-play announcer Todd Kalas asked Bagwell after hearing it bleed into the broadcast.

“Is it? No,” Bagwell said initially before he realized, “Oh yeah. That was Scarface. Shout out to Brad Jordan, aka Scarface.”

“We’re trying to do a broadcast here,” Kalas said as he laughed at Bagwell for losing control of his phone. “I was listening to this music in the background like ‘What’s going on?”

“Sorry about that,” Bagwell said as Kalas continued laughing at the gaffe. “I told you this is a clown show up here. I couldn’t even hear it. That’s my boy. It’s a clown show, I told you. That’s why I get kicked out of here in three games. They say, ‘Get rid of that clown. Send him back to prison.'”

The “back to prison” reference stems from the fact that Bagwell works in the Astros’ front office, serving as a direct advisor to owner Jim Crane. Bagwell usually works a small slate of games for the Astros on their TV and radio broadcasts, and that often has the Hall of Famer sharing his disdain for analytics and Moneyball.

[AT&T SportsNet, via Apollo Media]

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