Jayson Braddock and Patrick Creighton.

A conversation about the Houston Rockets possibly trading star guard James Harden turned into a very heated argument Monday on ESPN Houston (97.5 FM) radio. And it concluded with several profanities, the audio being cut off, and a radio host walking out.

Jayson Braddock and Patrick Creighton were doing their weekday show Late Hits, when things escalated quickly.

Braddock called out a “temper tantrum” from Creighton, and kept telling Creighton to “quit crying” and “shut up, do the show.” Creighton then said that Braddock had checked out of a segment and wasn’t paying attention, which led to Braddock responding, “If you want me to leave, I’ll cut off the mic and I’ll leave.” That was followed by plenty of yelling, Braddock calling Creighton a “bitch” a bunch, and some f-bombs being exchanged.

Here’s video of the crazy scene, via Funhouse (@BackAftaThis):

And our best shot at transcribing this (starting at the 18-second mark)…

Braddock: No, you’re having a temper tantrum on air, man. Like, you’re on live air right now.

Creighton: Do whatever you want to do. I’ll do the show. You don’t have to pay attention, it’s cool. We’ll just do it like you’re not here. So you can do whatever it is that you want to do. Just let me know when you’re done and then we’ll come back.

Braddock: Start doing the show. Shut up crying, and do the show. You’re live on air. Dude, you’re live on air. Shut up and do the show.

Creighton: Really?

Braddock: Yes! Shut up and do the show! You’re live on air and you’re crying! Do the show!

Creighton: So you’re not doing the show?

Braddock: No! You’re the one telling me to leave! If you want me to leave, I’ll leave! But just quit crying! You can talk about this during the break! Do the show! Do it!

Creighton: Alright, well if I’m just going to do the show by myself, then, yeah, why are you here?

Braddock: Do it. Do the show. Just quit crying about it. Keep… talk. Talk sports. And quit crying for two straight segments.

Creighton: Was that supposed to be funny?

Braddock: Yes, hilarious! Shut up crying and keeping this going on, and just do the show!

Creighton: I’m waiting for the punch line.

Braddock: Oh good god, you’re a child, man. Quit being petty and do the show. The show sounds horrible right now. It sounded horrible last segment.

Creighton: You’re right, it does! And you’re telling me about being petty when you just checked out of a show for an entire segment!

Braddock: No, I started doing the research you asked me to do during the last segment.

Creighton: No, you checked out! I’m sitting here talking to you and you’re like, “Huh, what?” You didn’t even have your microphone on!

Braddock: It’s already been two segments that are horrible. If you want me to leave, I’ll cut off the mic, and I’ll leave. Just do the show. It sounds horrible.

Creighton: I’ll do the show, you go to do what you want to do. We’re good.

Braddock: Okay. God…

Creighton: Dude, that’s the most ridiculous thing…

Braddock: Do the show! You’re still crying! Do the show! I’ve already cut off the mic!

Creighton: Hey, I’m doing the show! You’re not paying attention! Go do what you’re doing! Go have a good time!

Braddock: Good god, man. Such a little bitch, man.

Creighton: You know, go do whatever the hell you’re doing. It doesn’t matter.

Braddock: Well do the show. Quit being a bitch.

Creighton: Whatever, I’m the one doing the show. You’re the one checking out. Have a good day. See ya.

Braddock: I’m going. Do the show, bitch!

Braddock: Come on, you’re acting like a little bitch on this shit, dude! That’s the most embarrassing fucking radio I ever did! You acted like a little bitch right there, fuck!

Creighton: And are you not part of it?

Braddock: You asked me for the fucking numbers! I started giving you the numbers!

Creighton: Don’t freaking yell at me, dude.

Braddock: I’m going to yell at you because you’re acting like a bitch today! We’re live on air and you’re acting like a bitch!

Creighton: Well, you’re acting like a fucking asshole.

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