Mark Woodley covering weather on KWWL

Iowa sports reporter Mark Woodley was so annoyed about getting assigned to cover a blizzard last month that he was forced into a second chance on the weather beat.

When NBC affiliate News7 KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa had Woodley cover December’s  arctic blast, the usual sports anchor complained his way through the broadcast. He made it clear he never wanted to be outside reporting on weather again. Unfortunately for Woodley, he did the job too well. And after he went viral for airing his grievances on live TV, KWWL had no choice but to send him back outside.

Thursday morning, Woodley was tasked with covering the snowy conditions in Waterloo again, recognizing that his first foray as a weather reporter was a tough act to follow.

“The sequel is never as good as the original,” Woodley acknowledged. “For every Empire Strikes Back, there’s about 100 of Caddyshack 2, and I think this is the day that everybody finds out that – well, I’m just not that funny.”

While Woodley’s second stint may not contain the shock value of his first, the sports anchor dubbing as a weather reporter still brought the jokes and he certainly appeared to relish the sequel’s warmer setting.

“Came up with all my blizzard jargon, ‘snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, it’s pandesnownium’ and then I get here – and it’s not even snowing,” Woodley said proudly.

Last month, Woodley grew crankier and crankier every time KWWL went to him for an updated weather report, acting as if he was being tortured by his employer. Thursday morning, however, was just the opposite. Woodley may have been slightly frustrated by not getting to use his full arsenal of blizzard jargon, but the sports anchor was glowing over the warmer weather conditions.

“You all put me out here for the second time in a month to try and torture me, but the joke’s on you,” Woodley boasted while standing outside in the elements. “It’s about 60 degrees warmer than it was back then. It is downright balmy!”

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