Breakfast with Eamonn & Isabel hot mic incident

Tuesday’s morning news audience in the United Kingdom was treated to one of the best hot mic incidents ever caught on television.

GB News morning show Breakfast with Eamonn & Isabel returned from a commercial break around 9:22am local time on Tuesday. The viewers at home knew they returned from commercial, but hosts Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster didn’t seem to be informed.

As soon as the camera turned to the hosts, Webster could be heard saying, “I’m a b****. If only they knew!”

Holmes seemingly agreed, repeating Webster’s “If only they knew,” with a laugh. “How the f*** do I get home today?” Holmes was then heard asking. As they chuckled and bantered, Holmes and Webster were clearly unaware that they were broadcasting live. If only they knew, indeed.

After Holmes dropped the f-bomb, both of their mics went silent for the next eight seconds, but it was too late, the awkward moment already aired on national television. With their mics now dead, someone finally appeared to alert the morning show hosts that they were live on-air.

Seemingly stunned, Webster abruptly looked toward the camera with an awkward smile as Holmes reinserted his earpiece, appearing less than pleased with the production crew for letting their off-air conversation bleed into the show.

“You sure we’re on-air?” Holmes asked. “Would be nice if somebody spoke to us. Thank you. Thank you very much indeed.” It should be noted, Holmes didn’t have his earpiece in his ear.

Luckily, aside from a couple of expletives, neither host said anything too damning during their hot mic incident. Both hosts understandably didn’t seem pleased after learning they were unknowingly live for 15 seconds, but viewers surely found the humor in it.

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