Spectrum SportsNet LA reporter David Vassegh really wanted to take a ride on Bernie Brewer’s slide at American Family Field with the Los Angeles Dodgers in town to face the Milwaukee Brewers.

Well, Vassegh indeed took the slide ride, and it did not go well.

Vassegh — who yelled “Holy crap!” repeatedly as he went down the slide — crashed hard at the end.

Dodgers announcers Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra couldn’t help but laugh hard as replays of the incident were shown on Spectrum SportsNet LA during Wednesday night’s Dodgers-Brewers game.

Struggling to speak — and give play-by-play of the game — through laughter, Davis said, “First, I want to report that he’s okay.”

Viewers quickly learned that wasn’t entirely true. Davis (still laughing hysterically) said, “Dave?”

The cameras then went to Vassegh, who had a cast on his right arm, which led to even more laughter from Davis and Garciaparra.

Vassegh explained that he suffered fractures in his right hand/wrist, and also suffered six fractured ribs (he explained the injuries in the moments after the following clip).

This is incredible television:

In defense of Davis and Garciaparra, it’s very hard to watch the slide video and not laugh!

Vassegh had a great sense of humor about the painful incident, and kudos to him for still handling reporting duties.

Update: More videos!

[Photo Credit: Spectrum SportsNet LA]

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