St. Louis Cardinals broadcasters Jim Edmonds and Dan McLaughlin of Bally Sports Midwest.

I recognize this is my third post about St. Louis Cardinals analyst Jim Edmonds in the last week, but I promise there are no ill intentions. The recent attention is his own doing.

During the Cardinals’ Tuesday night game on Bally Sports Midwest against the Miami Marlins, Edmonds attempted some combination of a joke and an analogy that left play-by-play voice Dan McLaughlin, and probably much of the viewing audience, very confused.

After Albert Pujols hit a slow dribbler down the first base line for a groundout, Edmonds and McLaughlin both commented about it being frustrating for a DH to have to wait an hour for their next opportunity. And that’s when Edmonds decided to steal the show.

“That’s like, you know, when you, you know, you read things for so long and you just throw out like the name of our old TV station verses our new one or, you know, stuff like that,” Edmonds said. “Just kinda flies out and you just don’t even realize it.”


“Jimmy, I gotta tell ya, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” McLaughlin hilariously responded.

Thank goodness for McLaughlin’s honesty, and credit him for not just playing along. Because as the audience was sitting at home scratching their heads, they all surely celebrated when McLaughlin asked for clarification on what the heck Edmonds just tried to say.

“No, I’m saying like, you know, sometimes I’ll start to talk and forget where we’re at with the Bally’s and Fox and Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports, Bally’s, Live Midwest, sometimes it just kinda comes out wrong,” Edmonds – clarified? “It’s just like the spinning ball, you never know where it’s gonna go.”

From what I can gather, Edmonds was trying to say that you never know what network name will come out of a broadcaster’s mouth, the same way you never know where a slow dribbler is going to go off of Pujols’ bat.

Coming out of the previous break, McLaughlin said Fox Sports Midwest instead of Bally Sports Midwest. Determined to make a joke about the mistake, Edmonds attempted to use Pujols’ groundout as a segue. Not only did the joke not land, it left everyone dumbfounded.

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