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A week after being arrested for allegedly orchestrating a fake-ticket Ponzi scheme to pay off gambling desks, WFAN radio host Craig Carton has spoken.

In a statement released Tuesday, Carton denied the allegations against him and vowed to “be back, stronger than ever.” Here’s the full statement:

“I want to thank my family, friends and fans and especially Boomer for the outpouring of public and private support I’ve received over the past few days. 

“As you can imagine, it’s been incredibly hard to be silent while there is an endless stream of vitriol being hurled my way, but I’m confident that when the facts come out, you’ll see that I am not guilty of these charges. 

“My fight has only just begun and I know when this strange episode is over, I’ll be back, stronger than ever. 

“Thank you for all the kind words and good wishes as I continue on with one of the greatest battles of my life.”

Carton, who hosts Boomer & Carton on WFAN in New York, has been charged with four counts of fraud after allegedly running a scam in which he tricked investors into paying millions of dollars by promising profits from a ticket-sales business that never existed. The scandal is full of lurid details, including Carton’s vast gambling debt and his partnership with a strip-club owner who suggested the duo run away to Costa Rica and assume new identities. Carton was released on $500,000 bond but has been suspended indefinitely by WFAN owner CBS.

From the outside, it’s a bit hard to imagine how this could all be a misunderstanding, but hey, that’s why we have due process. If Carton is truly innocent, he will likely choose to go to trial, meaning we’ll soon see what kind of defense he can mount.

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