Maggie Gray, Chris Carlin and Bart Scott.

NYC sports talk radio host Chris Carlin dropped some news on Wednesday afternoon, as he revealed that he was working his last day at WFAN.

In a Twitter post, Carlin thanked CBS and Entercom for the opportunity of hosting Carlin, Maggie & Bart with Maggie Gray and Bart Scott. Carlin indicated that Gray and Scott will continue with the show and WFAN’s programming schedule has been updated to only list those two names.

Reading between the lines in Carlin’s statement, it seemed this was more of a WFAN decision to make a change. According to Newsday, Carlin’s contract was up at the end of this year anyway, but that’s also the case for Gray and Scott. Carlin seemed optimistic about the show itself, and he said he “can’t wait to see them take the show to the next level” but that may depend if Gray and Scott sign extensions with WFAN.

One potential clue to WFAN’s strategy might come from an Andrew Marchand story from the New York Post in June. It said that if Mike Francesa committed to WFAN, it could result in changes to Carlin, Maggie & Bart. Nothing definitive has come out on the Francesa front, or even if Carlin’s departure was a result of this, but if he signs an extension in the coming weeks, we can probably connect the dots.

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