You may have already seen the viral video of a joyless Wrigley Field usher demolishing an incredible beer cup pyramid, but what happened next was an inspiring display of perseverance that captivated the St. Louis Cardinals‘ announcers.

Cardinals broadcasters usually aren’t eager to defend their Chicago rivals much, but everyone was angry after watching an usher approach a group of hard-working Cubs fans and offer no words before destroying their empty beer cup pyramid. They heinous act drew boos from Cardinals play-by-play voice Dan McLaughlin and analyst Jim Edmonds on Bally Sports Midwest.

“Like that’s against the rules?” Edmonds asked with disgust. “It’s the no fun league. That’s terrible, that’s so bad.”

Like a prophet, McLaughlin referenced previously seeing the beer snake make an appearance at Wrigley. “Last year, we were doing the game on the monitors, but we saw they had the big snake of cups,” McLaughlin said. And almost immediately after the pyramid was relegated to a pile of garbage, the Bally Sports Midwest cameras spotted Cubs fans resorting to the beer snake in retaliation.

“There they go,” McLaughlin said of the determined Cubs fans. “They’re gonna say ‘OK, we’ll show you, we’ll get that going!’”

“They need a good solid [Yeti] tumbler at the bottom, the base,” Edmonds suggested.

Within seconds, another group of fans carried another snake over to merge the two. “Alright, now connect the two and away you go,” McLaughlin said somewhat proudly. And with that, justice was served as a snake emerged from the pyramid’s rubble.

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