Boomer and Gio mocking Francesa.

Mike Francesa’s $8.99 per month “Mike’s On” app is supposed to include exclusive content not found on Francesa’s WFAN radio show, such as commentary after Yankees games. On Friday’s show, Francesa went on and on about how he was going to discuss the Yankees’ games on his app, and he did so after that night’s Game 1, but didn’t show up for a post-game show after Game 2 Saturday.

On Sunday, Francesa explained on the app that he didn’t do that because it was a “blowout” (it was 6-2), and WFAN morning show hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg “Gio” Giannotti had quite the commentary on that on their show Monday, complete with Gio delivering an impersonation of fellow WFAN staffer (and frequent app appearer) John Jastremski locked in Francesa’s bathroom. Here’s video via Funhouse:

One notable part there has Gianotti saying he thinks Francesa made up the no-blowouts rule on the spot. “No, I think it was probably just decided then, because he had received criticism on it, so he made up the rule afterwards. He said close games, bad loss, he’ll be there, but other than that, [insert Francesa “I’m sorry”], good night, the lights.”

They then discuss how Jastremski wasn’t even there, and Esiason talks about how much Francesa promoted this, saying “The only reason I know this is I was listening to him on Friday, and he was talking about the app, and he must have said ‘app’ about 57 times in like 30 seconds.” And Gianotti then goes into a Jastremski impression:

“I’m picturing Mike doing his show on the app, and then you hear in the background JJ stuck in the bathroom, ‘Mike, [simulated knocking], I’m ready to go! Hey! I’ve been stuck in here for hours! …Mike, you gonna let me out? I need some water! I need some water! I don’t know, I hate to bother you, but maybe a snack or something?You got any peanuts, I don’t know, anything? Let me out! I got a girlfriend, I got a girlfriend, MIke, I gotta get back to her! Let me out! I can’t be stuck in the bathroom all day! It’s not healthy for me to be stuck in here all day, it’s unhealthy for me, it’s an unhealthy way to live. Uh, this was a bad idea. Somebody, Julio, somebody!”

That’s pretty funny, and it adds to the regular ribbing of Francesa we’ve seen from Boomer and Gio. And it shows that people are paying attention to Francesa overpromising and underdelivering, a regular theme for him. For the record, here’s his explanation for his absence:

We’ll see just how many people continue to pay $8.99 a month for this app and for its inconsistent post-game shows.

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