Bart Hubbuch’s Jan. 20 tweet comparing Donald Trump’s inauguration to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor has now apparently cost Hubbuch his job. Hubbuch, the long-time New York Post columnist, tweeted Monday that the Post fired him Friday for this:

This wasn’t the first time Hubbuch’s Twitter use created controversy, as he got into several wars over Deflategate with Patriots’ fans and media and then literally deleted his account in September after backlash to his tweet that it was a “totally not-shocking fact” that Jacoby Brissett was the first black quarterback to start a game for the Patriots. Hubbuch returned to Twitter in dramatic fashion a day later, though, although he hadn’t tweeted anything from November 8 until his later-deleted inauguration tweet (so everything below this status update on his timeline is from November or older).

It may be interesting to keep an eye out and see if there are any further developments here. It’s unusual to see someone fired for their social media use, especially when it’s not around something directly connected to their job, (although it has happened to people like Curt Schilling, and more recently, in a far different way, to a SB Nation editor), and if you’re going to do that, you had better have a pretty clear policy on what is and isn’t acceptable. We’ll see if Hubbuch or his union contests this. Still, he might have been better off to follow Erik Malinowski’s famed advice:

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