A traditional pastime ahead of the Super Bowl sees a parade of current and former NFL players and coaches head up and down Radio Row doing live hits across various sports networks. But they’re obviously not all converging on the Super Bowl and giving their time away for free, so they’re generally all sponsored by or promoting some random product.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa is in Atlanta this week, but before it all started, he had some harsh words for the practice of promotion in that style, saying he had no interest in doing it. It will surprise you to know that he did, indeed, end up doing it.

Via @BackAftaThis comes this clip, where you hear Francesa first say he won’t be filling his shows with a parade of players looking to sell stuff, followed by, well, exactly that.


Ironically, Francesa’s initial assessment of the futility of Radio Row is pretty much spot on. But for someone who said that wasn’t what he did, Francesa certainly didn’t seem to be too hesitant to jump right in and join the product hype throughout!

[Funhouse, @BackAftaThis]

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