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Michael Paluska of ABC Action News Tampa Bay was just trying to get some reactions from Buccaneers fans outside Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs dropped Monday night’s game to the Philadelphia Eagles 25-11, falling to 2-1 on the 2023 NFL season.

Paluska was outside the stadium throughout the evening and unfortunately, his live shot was bombarded by Eagles fans, who gave him a warm Philly welcome.

“These are not the live shots you want to do after the Bucs loss, because people are coming out here, they’re yelling in front of the camera,” Paluska said. “They said it looked more like an Eagles home game out here. But you know there’s a lot of things that happened…And I’m trying to get through a live shot.”

Whether it’s fans dropping the dreaded f-bomb, young kids flipping the bird, or dealing with unplanned nudity, having a live shot at a sports event can be a disaster waiting to happen.

If only Paulska could have placed a call ahead of time to CBS Miami reporter Samantha Rivera to work security for him. If you can recall, Rivera pushed a Las Vegas Golden Knights fan out of her live shot at the Stanley Cup Final

Generally speaking though, as far as Eagles fans go, this was relatively tame. They were merely cheering and screaming, “Go Birds,” which, if you’re not from Philadelphia or the neighboring areas, is a war cry that’s essentially the “Shalom” of The City of Brotherly Love.

“The Eagles fans were more annoying before the game, they are even worse now,” said Paulska. “Maybe we can find a Bucs fan to talk to.”

Whether he did it purposefully or not, Paluska turned towards an Eagles fan and asked what the Bucs did right, despite losing by 14 points.

“Nothing,” the Eagles fan said, letting out a chuckle.

What did the Eagles do right?


Paluska asked for those around him not to curse, as it appeared an Eagles fan was ready to let some profane words slip.

“You know what? We still like Baker Mayfield and we still like the Bucs…Things are getting a little crazy, so we may have to send it back to you guys. This is what happens.”

All things considered, Paluska deserves praise for all he handled in a live shot that was overtaken by fans of an opposing team. He didn’t lose his cool. He didn’t shove anyone out of the way. He did what he could considering the circumstances. And while Eagles fans get a bad rap, they mostly behave themselves.

I think we can go out a limb, though, and say that Paluska won’t be requesting to go on any special assignments to Philadelphia anytime soon.

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