Alejandro Bedoya miscaptioned as "Alejandro Pedroya" on 6abc Philly.

It’s always funny seeing news outlets make mistakes with names, especially when those names belong to prominent professional athletes. See The Brandon Sun mentioning Keith Hernandez instead of Aaron Hernandez, or an unspecified newspaper mixing up Kirk Cousins and DeMarcus Cousins. The latest on that front comes from Philadelphia’s 6ABC (WPVI), which got Philadelphia Union captain Alejandro Bedoya’s name quite wrong in a story about an event announcing a partnership between the Union, the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation department, and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer to fund new soccer fields. And Bedoya (who’s been with the Union since 2016, and has also played for the U.S. national team) took notice and had some fun with this:

For the record, the reporter in question later apologized to Bedoya, and Bedoya accepted that apology:

And we all make mistakes. But that’s a pretty funny one, especially as “Alejandro Pedroya” sounds like a bad Dustin Pedroia attempt to disguise himself.

[Brad Fadem on Twitter]

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