We live in a very interesting time when you can earn money not only in the usual way but also through the Internet. In particular, there are Android mobile applications for making a profit. And this is a reason to consider such services because even small funds are not superfluous.

Play in Online Casinos

Gambling software for Android devices is widespread. With the help of online casino applications, you can receive large amounts of funds even without an initial investment. Bonuses can be awarded for registration, deposit, or other actions. To withdraw funds, you must meet the wagering requirements of the promotion. You can also make a small deposit. In this case, the best recommendation to play successfully is the use of the blackjack basic strategy in reliable casinos.

View Ads and Complete Tasks

In some applications, you can earn money by performing various tasks (installing other programs is available, but not a priority) and by viewing ads – that is, by fairly trivial actions that are carried out in a couple of clicks. In this case, you do not need to wait long: you complete the task and immediately receive a reward for it.

One of the most popular areas of mobile earnings is downloading and installing other applications for money. Someone advertises their creations in this way, offering others to receive cash in a couple of clicks. Applications in this category include:

  • Globus;
  • ClickWorker
  • Bemyeye.

Do not use emulators or other simulators to complete tasks, the administration does not approve of such actions and prohibits the use of virtual devices, so your account may be blocked for violating the rules.

Participation in Surveys and Reviews

On the Internet, you can also earn by filling out simple questionnaires and writing product reviews. Questionnaires are needed for various marketing research (for example, about upcoming movie novelties, about cars), and special services that earn on advertising pay for reviews. In general, everything here is also transparent and legal. StreetBees is the main service for such earnings.

Video Viewing

Watch videos and get paid for it – what could be easier? Yes, there is also no fraud here – some people are just trying to make their videos more popular by winding up views on special sites, while others complete these tasks and get paid. You can use the CheeseFree app for this.


Is it possible to make money on games? Yes, but not quite the way you think. For example, you cannot get funds by playing a shooter for hours – special games have been created for this. We will consider a couple of such services below:

  • AppStation. It offers to play different games from Google Play, reach a certain level in them (or spend some time) and get rewarded for this in the form of coins that are converted into real money.
  • MakeMoney. The service has a large number of partners that provide different tasks: download a specific program, install an application and reach a specified level, etc.

Advertising on Social Networks

Likes, subscriptions, reposts – these words are so familiar to those who often hang out on social networks. If you have a page on one of the networks, then you can earn cash on these simple actions. 


Surely, while navigating through the sites on the World Wide Web, you have come across a captcha – a set of hard-to-read characters that you need to enter into a special window to continue surfing. Before putting the captcha into operation, it is checked (whether it is possible to distinguish what is written at all) on special sites, and funds are paid for it.

How much you can earn on the phone directly depends on two factors: the chosen type of income and the time spent on work. For this reason, we will not tell you a specific amount, since everything here is individual and depends only on you and your desire, but even the laziest can make enough for small expenses or paying bills for communication services.