Warren Sapp

The sexual harassment lawsuit from former NFL Network employee Jami Cantor that’s led to the suspension of NFLN commentators Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans and ESPN analysts Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis (and has led to Bill Simmons Media Group president Eric Weinberger being put on indefinite leave) also contains allegations against former NFLN analyst Warren Sapp, who was fired from the network in February 2015 after being arrested on charges of assault and soliciting a prostitute at the Super Bowl.

Here’s what it said about Sapp:

…came into the restroom while Plaintiff was preparing clothes, and urinated in front of her. Plaintiff screamed at him to get out, but Mr. Sapp laughed and told Plaintiff, “Sorry mama, but your office shouldn’t be our shitter.” Plaintiff complained to the NFL, but nothing was done until Plaintiff told the NFL she would work in the hallway. Mr. Sapp also gave Plaintiff sex toys as a Christmas gifts three years in a row, showed Plaintiff nude pictures of numerous women he claimed to have slept with, and openly talked about his sex life in front of Plaintiff and other NFL employees, including supervisors.

On Wednesday, Sapp took to both Twitter and to Miami Fox Sports Radio affiliate 940 WINZ to try and defend himself. That segment isn’t posted in full yet on their website, but Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times live-tweeted Sapp’s appearance:

Sapp then engaged with others on Twitter by tweeting photos of the sex toys in question at them:

That’s quite the unusual defense. Sapp’s currently out of the media, and doesn’t seem all that probable to get another media gig at this point, but his actions here seem unlikely to help with that.

[Greg Auman on Twitter; photo from YouTube]

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