Sara Walsh presented a segment on Good Morning Football, in which she ranted against golfing. Photo credit: NFL Network

During the dog days of summer, the NFL offseason can provide for some slow news, and when that happens, daily talk shows that focus on the NFL can go off the rails. Yes, it’s entirely possible that Good Morning Football can only talk about Dalvin Cook’s free agency for so many segments before viewers decide they’ve had enough and change the channel.

On Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning Football, Sara Walsh, who was in for Jamie Erdhal, presented a segment in which she made an argument against golfing. According to Walsh, there’s been a lot of talk in the NFL Network studio in Los Angeles this week regarding the grumbling about seeking permission from a significant other because they just want to “play a simple round of golf with their buddies.”

Walsh wanted to put the other side of the equation in perspective, the one in which unrealistic promises are made that can never be fulfilled. And she sure called out a lot of men in the process. Perhaps this was a veiled shot at her husband, Matt Buschman, a former professional baseball player who last appeared in the MLB in 2022.

“Starting with this real, unplayable lie. You’re not going golfing and it’s just going to take three and a half hours,” Walsh’s rant began. “You know how I know that? Because not once in your history of golfing has a round ever taken three and a half hours. Not once. And it’s not because the group in front of you plays slowly. And it’s not because they had a dude in jean shorts with a 20-handicap.

“First of all, it is because your round of golf starts an hour earlier than your tee time so that you can get on the range so that you can find your swing. Because somewhere in the recess of your brain, you think that you have a shot to get on tour. It’s because after your four-and-a-half-hour round—if you’re lucky—it’s not your fault, but your boy, Chad, who got you on the course, forces you to grab food with him at the club grill after.”

Walsh said that your spouses should not complain about having to take a call from their wives when they’re on the course. Then, she took a shot at Mike Garafolo, who had left the studio for a second, before Walsh turned her rant towards the NFL Network insider.

“What’s the Hulu login?” Garafolo quipped.

Walsh’s diatribe became a bit more pointed when she started to go on about golf gear and random Amazon packages appearing at her front door.

“You know what takes less time than a round of golf?” Walsh asked. “Practically any other sport. You can watch a basketball game, a soccer game, a hockey game, most Sundays, a football game. You can run a marathon in less time than it takes for you and your boys to play a round. It takes the international space station 90 minutes to orbit around the Earth. It takes you 90 minutes to shoot six over through the first six holes.”

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