Richard Justice on MLBN

Slips of the tongue that deliver accidental profanity have provided us with some of the funniest broadcasting moments, and executive correspondent Richard Justice gave us an all-timer Friday. Justice joined MLB Network’s MLB Central with Lauren Shehadi to discuss the wild-card race, and when he was trying to talk about the Mariners being “still in the hunt,” he appeared to say something very different:

Richard Justice MLB Network from Andrew Bucholtz on Vimeo.

Whoops! I don’t think that’s quite what he meant to say. And that sounds like a very X-rated wild-card race.

This is even better than when we get networks accidentally airing profanity, as we recently saw with NFL Network and Marshawn Lynch and NBC and Peter Laviolette, as those ones were intentional on the part of the subject, just not the network. Justice pretty obviously didn’t mean to do this, which makes it even funnier.

No one should get too upset about this; it’s a simple mistake, and one that pretty clearly wasn’t intentional or designed to offend. But it definitely gave us a very funny moment, and one of the top slips of the tongue on live TV that we’ve ever seen.


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