Andrew Siciliano and Mike Giardi.

A “bulging disc” may be the most difficult injury to reference on air, as there’s a long history of broadcasters saying “dick” instead, from Steve Levy to Al Trautwig to Jonathan Coachman to Jane Slater. The latest to join that particular malapropism club is NFL Network’s Mike Giardi, who did so during a NFL Combine segment Wednesday about the injury history of a particular prospect. Here’s video via Scott Zolak of Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub:

“And look, he’s taken a beating physically, we know that, we’ve detailed it. He had a tough year last year physically, the bulging dick in his, disc in his back! (laughs) The bulging disc in his back. He’s probably going to need surgery again. Eventually.” The deadpan “Okay, eventually…hope he gets that fixed” response from Andrew Siciliano is great, as are Siciliano’s expressions throughout this. At any rate, Giardi had a funny later reaction on Twitter:

This is yet more reason to be very careful when talking about discs, bulging or otherwise.

[Scott Zolak on Twitter]

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