MLB Network has been announcing talent acquisitions and new programming left and right over the past few weeks.

That trend continued today, with the channel announcing the addition of Melanie Newman, who last year became the first woman to broadcast a game for the Baltimore Orioles. Newman will contribute to studio programming, while continuing her work for the Orioles and her new duties as part of Apple TV’s Friday Night Baseball crew (a joint production with MLB Network.)

Via the network’s release:

“Melanie is a terrific broadcaster, who we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with over the last year,” said Marc Caiafa, Senior Vice President of Production. “Having her officially on our team contributing to our programming makes us that much stronger as we start a new season.”

“I’m thrilled to be expanding my role at MLB Network and adding the Friday night games on Apple TV+ to my Orioles work,” said Newman. “These opportunities are very exciting – a dream come true, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Newman’s rise has been very impressive, and given her talents it makes all the sense in the world for MLB Network to get her on the air as much as her contractual obligations allow. Her Apple TV debut comes tonight, as she’ll call the Mets-Nationals game, part one of Apple’s premiere doubleheader.

Expect to see a lot more of her this year and beyond.

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