Jerry Rice

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders has long been known for his flash on and off the field, but that flash apparently led to at least one fight with his legendary San Francisco 49ers teammate Jerry Rice ahead of Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. Rice recently appeared on Undeniable with Joe Buck (his episode airs Wednesday at 8 ET/PT on AT&T’s Audience Network) and spoke about his relationship with Sanders that year, including an argument he and others got into with Sanders and other players when they skipped curfew ahead of that game:

“There were some very bad words spoken. It got very confrontational, but it got us focused again.” Buck then asks if it got physical, and Rice responds “It got us focused and ready again.”

It’s interesting to hear Rice share this, even if he wouldn’t go into specifics. Not everyone would have been willing to criticize the behavior of a star like Sanders, and not everyone would be willing to discuss doing so, even over two decades later. Sadly, Rice was less candid with Buck about another famed moment of his career, the alleged jersey-switching at Mississippi Valley State. His evasiveness here is pretty funny, though:

Rice’s episode of Undeniable airs on AT&T’s Audience Network Wednesday at 8 ET/PT.

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