Kyle Brandt reacts to Jamie Erdahl

It took less than three months for Jamie Erdahl to drop her first curse on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

Monday morning, while discussing Tua Tagovailoa’s breakout game for the Miami Dolphins, Erdahl recalled a moment from the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship where Alabama head coach Nick Saban was “losing his shit.”

Whoops, you’re not supposed to say that. But Erdahl powered right through the gaffe, almost as if she had no idea she dropped the S-bomb on live TV.

While Erdahl glossed right over it like a consummate pro, her NFL Network co-host Kyle Brandt made it clear he heard what we all did by offering an epic camera stare. Brandt didn’t immediately say anything, but he didn’t need to. Looking at the camera the way Jim Halpert would after Michael Scott said something uncomfortable on The Office was the perfect response.

Shortly after, when it was Brandt’s turn on the panel to talk, he made mild reference to Erdahl’s profanity by saying, “there’s a juice at this table today, we’re all talking in crazy ways,” drawing a chuckle from his Good Morning Football co-hosts.

Brandt is no stranger to dealing with profanity on live TV. Earlier this year, the former soap opera actor said “f*ck it” during a live Good Morning Football segment. There was no Jim Halpert camera stare to follow his f-bomb, but Brandt instead took a lap around the studio as a self-imposed punishment.

On the scale of swear words, Erdahl’s offense was less of a violation than Brandt’s. But being that her blunder came less than three months into her tenure with Good Morning Football, perhaps there’s more where that came from.

[NFL Network, via Jimmy Traina]

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