You might not know the name Robert Kelly, but if we told you that he was the professor whose interview on BBC World News was interrupted by his children barging into the room, you probably know exactly who we’re talking about. While somewhat embarrassing for him at the moment, the interview quickly became a viral sensation and Kelly’s kids became internet celebrities for a little while.

In many ways, Kelly took the hit for so many reporters and people being interviewed from their home on live television. The fear is always that your home life is going to spill into the frame while millions of viewers are suddenly wondering what the heck is happening in the background while you’re panicking to give them breaking news or insight. But let’s face it, maybe that fear is a bit overblown because when it happens it almost always makes for a delightful experience.

Case in point, what happened when Ian Rapoport appeared on NFL Network to discuss Dez Bryant’s new contract with the New Orleans Saints. Rap broke the news on Twitter just a few minutes before appearing on the network.

That’s when he quickly set himself up to appear on NFL Network to talk a bit more about the big news. Presumably, it all came together pretty quickly because Rap could only do so much to keep his son, home from school because he’s sick, from wandering into the frame to play with his daddy.

Rather than veering away from the fun, kudos to host Will Selva and the rest of the crew for not only laughing but encouraging Rap to just bite the bullet and bring his kid fully into the proceedings. Plus, the professional that he is, the whole affair barely knocks Rapoport off his game as he explains the contract deal and what this could mean for the Saints as they push for a return to the Super Bowl.

A good lesson for all the future TV personalities who roll the dice with a live feed while their kids are around. It’s better to lean into the snafu and make it into something memorable than to try to avoid it.

[Ian Rapoport]

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