Viewers watching Big Ten Network’s Rutgers-Indiana broadcast from Bloomington today were treated to a weird series of technical issues. In the end, it meant missing a chunk of an entire drive in favor of a long, and at first unexplained, commercial break.

It was objectively hilarious when the initial “going wrong” cutaway was when the broadcast came back to a student section full of shirtless dudes, with no context, and then went right back to commercial.

The next time things returned, Indiana had already moved the ball across midfield.

There were clear audio and clock issues, though, a sign that there were clear issues with the overall remote transmission. Dave Revsine and the BTN studio crew took over commentary for the rest of the half, which included Indiana mounting a drive for a field goal to end the second quarter.

Things came back after halftime, which was fortunate considering the booth had Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren lined up for a visit.

Considering the Hoosiers immediately muffed a punt and gave up a touchdown, a lot of Indiana fans would have probably preferred an endless series of Buffalo Wild Wings commercials instead.

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