TSN said this Raptors' watch party was in Saskatchewan. It was really almost 2,000 miles away in Nova Scotia.

We’ve seen a lot of geography mistakes involving the Toronto Raptors in one way or another recently, from ESPN getting a map of Southern Ontario all wrong to the Raptors’ Twitter account putting them on the Golden Gate Bridge instead of the Bay Bridge (and Twitter Canada putting them on the Bay Bridge, but heading in the wrong direction).The latest culprit is Canadian broadcaster TSN, which televised Thursday night’s Game 6. There have been plenty of Raptors’ viewing parties across the country, and TSN had the nice idea of showing some shots from them; however, they mistagged a party happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia as one happening in Regina, Saskatchewan:

Missed it by just 1,930 miles (3,106 kilometres) or so, or 2,539 miles if you’re driving. And yes, there was a screening at Mosaic Stadium as well (where fans got to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders, that stadium’s usual tenants, on the road in Hamilton before the Raptors’ game), but this wasn’t it. And absolutely, graphics mistakes happen, and geography mistakes happen; it’s not the biggest deal in the world. But it’s definitely funny to see a Canadian broadcaster be off by five provinces.

[Peter Mills on Twitter]

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