Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal renewed their epic rivalry this weekend at the Miami Open. After playing another classic in the Australian Open Final earlier this year, Federer again got the better of his rival with a straight sets victory.

While that was bad enough for Nadal, it didn’t get better after the match. At the post-match press conference, the first question directed towards Nadal was from a reporter congratulating him on his victory. Nadal shook his head and responded by saying, “I lost by the way.” Awkward!

How does that happen??? Was the reporter not at the match? Did she not see the game? Did she think Nadal was Federer and Federer was Nadal? And for the record, this is not even the first time a tennis reporter has congratulated the loser on winning a match he didn’t win at the press conference afterwards.

My favorite part of the video though is the reporter snapping back at Nadal and saying, “I know, it’s a win anyway.” The participation trophy culture strikes again.

H/T Deadspin