We love weird stories from international sports broadcasters, and our search spanning the globe for the most interesting sports media highlights takes us to Finland.

American sports media loves to make bold predictions about anything and everything, but rarely are there ever any consequences for getting it wrong, aside from showing up on Freezing Cold Takes or maybe Jay Bilas growing a gnarly beard. In Finland, though, they put their money where their mouth is.

Just take Finnish broadcaster Vesa Rantanen, who wore a donkey’s head on the set after predicting that HIFK would lose their first round playoff series. HIFK won 2 games to 0 over Karpat to make the Finnish league quarterfinals. Thank God for Wikipedia.

Good luck figuring out what any of that video translates to if you don’t understand Finnish, but it is a fun clip. All too often on American sports television we get to see the other end of the donkey and no costumes are necessary.