This seems like an April Fool’s story, but we’ve been assured it isn’t.

Canada is being hit by COVID-19 as we are in America, and Canadians need news from reputable sources as much as everyone. But with so many outlets having paywalls in front of their coverage (paywalls that many outlets have lifted for their COVID-19 coverage, it can be a natural instinct to default to a free, less reputable source.

Over the month of April in Canada, the paywalls on all Postmedia outlets have been lifted, but not out of the goodness of the outlet’s heart. Instead, Canadian fried chicken chain Mary Brown’s is paying to lift the paywall.

Here’s more, from the National Post.

Like most news organizations, we have been asking our readers to support our journalism by paying to access our content online. The only exception has been coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, which we have been offering outside our pay wall as a public service.

Now, we are pleased to offer all of our relevant, credible news and information free of charge, thanks to a partnership with the Canadian company Mary Brown’s Chicken, which is based in Markham, Ontario and has about 170 locations coast-to-coast.

Thanks to Mary Brown’s partnership, you can consume as much content as you want without being asked to pay until the end of April.

Tip of the cap to Mary Brown’s here, even though the COVID-19 coverage was outside the paywall anyway. Some other relevant coverage inevitably gets stuck behind the paywall, and with people being furloughed, laid off, or otherwise losing work, anything that a company can do to help people save money and stay informed is worthwhile.

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