Simon Reed (L) called Meagan Duhamel (R) "that bitch from Canada" in comments picked up on a hot mic.

There have been many notable hot mic blunders over the years, but the one from British announcers Simon Reed and Nicky Slater at the world figure skating championships Wednesday is pretty remarkable even by those standards. As per The Canadian Press, Reed (seen at left above) and Slater were calling the International Skating Union’s international YouTube feed (geoblocked in the U.S.), and they dropped some notable insults towards Canadian skater turned coach and analyst Meagan Duhamel (seen at right above, she’s covering the championships for the CBC) and towards several of the current skaters:

British commentator Simon Reed called Duhamel, a two-time world pairs champion, “that bitch from Canada” at the end of Wednesday’s pairs broadcasts, seemingly believing his mic was turned off.

Reed and fellow Brit Nicky Slater laughed after the comment.

…Both said the Russian skaters, who were banned from the event after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, were missed at the world championships. They said they couldn’t tell how many rotations were in a jump since they don’t follow skating. One called a 16-year-old skater “a sight for sore eyes.”

“Hello @ISU_Figure! The commentators on your feed noting that a female partner is ‘taller and heavier’ is just not at all necessary and super inappropriate. That was just one of many ridiculous statements made today,” pairs skater Kirsten Moore-Towers tweeted.

Here’s a tweet recapping what they said:

The ISU put out a statement Thursday apologizing for the comments from Reid and Slater, and removing them from coverage:

And, for her part, Duhamel said she received personal apologies from Reed and the federation president:

She also had a pretty good line before that Wednesday, and said she wants to be told if she says anything inappropriate on air:

The apologies are positive, but these are still incredibly ridiculous comments for any announcer to make at any point. And it’s more absurd still for them to be made near a microphone, even if Reed and Slater didn’t realize the mic was live. But this isn’t the first time these two commentators have drawn criticism. Here’s some further commentary on them from skating fans on Twitter:

It’s notable that some skaters, including Canadian Kaitlyn Weaver and American Adam Rippon, turned this into a positive though:

At any rate, the ISU has brought in Ted Barton for commentary, and that appears to be going much better:

We’ll see if anything further comes of this.

[CBC; Reed photo from his Twitter profile, Duhamel photo from the CBC]

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