Threads Credit: Sky News | Threads emerged on Wednesday, and some of sports media’s biggest names are already hanging out there.

Threads – the newest social media haven powered by Meta and Instagram – debuted on Wednesday night. Driven by Twitter going through a series of persistent issues with no end in sight, Mark Zuckerberg and others fired from Twitter have now built a new place for everyone to gather and post.

Thus far, it seems like it’s very beta, much in the same way that Bluesky is. But thus far, there is one key difference between the fledgling sites: Many more notable people are hanging out on Threads versus Bluesky. That includes several sports media luminaries.

Heck, if you even so much as search ‘Adam’ on Threads, anybody could see that. Topping the search list is ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, the most renowned NFL insider in the game. CBS Sports’ Adam Schein is also on Threads, as is popular anchor Kay Adams. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the preeminent NBA insider for nearly two decades, also has a Threads account, as do Albert Breer, Jeff Passan, and of course, Stephen A. Smith.

Thus far, as Threads has opened its doors, it appears that celebrities and known faces are already putting their stamp on it. For this reason, it might be interesting to see if user-celebrity interaction is something the app uses as a benefit, much like Twitter had in its primordial days.

Before everything eventually descended into chaos, of course.

But much like Instagram has been considered a vanity app, you have to wonder if Threads will also be in lockstep. Whether that become a turn-off of the app? Entirely too early to tell. The app still needs many kinks to work out before its final form also comes together. Namely, there’s no way to access it through the web right now. It’s a mobile-only app at the moment, which has its downsides for usage rate, to be sure. Even while everyone gets used to mobile phones and their advancements, a web-friendly app made Twitter work.

Not every insider has made their way over to Threads yet, though. MLB’s Ken Rosenthal is perhaps the most notable name not to have an account yet. The Skip Bayless Show has an account, but the controversial takesman does not have his own account. Considering the way that Bayless‘ Twitter account was run, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. In case you were wondering, his former co-host, Shannon Sharpe, is also on Threads.

While it’s probably too early to tell, Zuckerberg claimed 30 million users have already signed up. Some of them are the most prominent faces in sports media. So, to keep indulging and being in the know, you might have to plan a trip to your closest App Store.

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