A Hulu NBC outage during Browns-Steelers.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast of the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers wild-card playoff game hit some issues for those trying to access it through the Hulu+Live TV streaming TV package option. Here are some of the tweets from those aggrieved:

There are some potential other options for those impacted. This game is available to stream for free on NBC’s streaming service Peacock, and it’s also streaming for free to mobile devices through the various NFL and Verizon Media (Yahoo) apps. And it’s available over the air on local NBC stations for those who have a digital antenna. But this is still an inconvenience for those who were expecting to watch this through already-installed Hulu + Live TV setups on their TVs or computers. And while it’s just the latest streaming TV outage, it’s one that comes at an unfortunate time, especially for the Browns’ fans who have been waiting since 2002 for a playoff game.

[Photo from @buckeyecards on Twitter]

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