Hunter Anderson of Enumclaw, Washington gives an interview. Screengrab via Jon Manley on X.

One fun thing that has started to happen in recent years is baseball teams absolutely going bonkers with videobombing postgame interviews of all different kinds with all different kinds of shenanigans. After a clutch victory in the Washington state high school baseball tournament, Enumclaw celebrated in a fantastic way.

Enumclaw defeated two-time defending state champions Tumwater in a quarterfinal matchup in the Class 2A baseball bracket in Washington by a score of 9-8, which is certainly worth celebrating.

The team took that celebratory mood all the way through the postgame interview that Hunter Anderson did with Jon Manley of the Tacoma News Tribune. As Anderson somehow kept his cool during the interview, what happened behind him was truly hysterical.

While the dance line was fantastic, as was coming over to greet Anderson by putting a helmet on his head, we have to talk about how the Enumclaw team was able to time Anderson’s comments of “we always pick each other up” with one of his teammates literally being carried in the background of the interview. Was that choreographed beforehand or was it just a pure moment of unscripted magic? Either way, the timing of that videobomb was perfectly executed.

The legacy of the 2013 Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team thankfully lives on. Here’s hoping the Enumclaw players have something even more special planned if they win the semifinal and state championship.

[Jon Manley on X]