Millwood Basketball (via CNN)

Gunshots rang out in an Oklahoma high school gym immediately following a boys’ basketball game on Tuesday night, sending fans and the game’s broadcasters ducking for cover in a moment of panic that was captured on video.

Following the conclusion of the game between Millwood and Del City, viewers watching the Millwood Falcons Sports live stream could hear gunfire breaking out in the background, which caused people to start screaming as the broadcasters ducked underneath the scorer’s table to make sure they weren’t in the line of fire.

The video of the live stream has been deleted from YouTube but you can watch the disturbing video here or below.

“We’ll go to break,” said the yet-to-be-identified announcer as he tried to figure out where the gunfire was coming from.

According to KOCO, one adult man was shot and taken to the hospital.

“After the completion of the boy’s basketball game against Millwood High School, a fight occurred and gunshots were fired inside the field house,” Del City High School Principal Steve Gilliland said on the school’s website. “The Del City Police Department is onsite and investigating the incident. We have made the decision to shift to a virtual learning day for Wednesday, January 18. We will continue to update our families as more information becomes available.”

“There was at least over 500 people here, maybe a little bit more,” Del City Police Capt. Brad Cowden told the station. “The game had just concluded when this incident occurred.”

The school moved to virtual classes on Wednesday in wake of the shooting as the police investigation remains ongoing.

Millwood senior guard William Mays took to Twitter after the game to say “Thank you guys for praying for us from both schools! I thank god for keeping my Millwood and Del City (families) safe! I pray for the people involved to realize that HAVING a gun don’t make you popular! All we can do is pray that one (day) they will understand!”


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