A Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel segment on extreme cameramen.

There’s quite a bit of discussion about the stakes in extreme sports for the athletes, with plenty of injuries and deaths over the years, but there’s often less talk about the risks for those who document the athletes. HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel looks into that Tuesday night (10 ET/PT) with a segment titled “Risky Business: The Daredevil Cameramen of Extreme Sports.” Here’s a preview clip of that, with discussion of the deaths of cameramen covering extreme sports, the challenges of avoiding hazards like big waves, and the stakes of covering an athlete who might fall to their own death:

HBO’s description of that segment (produced by Jordan Kronick) is as follows:

Whether scaling a treacherous mountain or going into the belly of the world’s most challenging wave, extreme sports cameramen exhibit remarkable athleticism in pursuit of the perfect shot. Jon Frankel profiles these Evel Knievel-like risk-takers, who display the same bravery as the athletes they cover, taking terrifying risks to capture images of some of the world’s most dangerous sports.

This is an interesting sports topic, and one that should get more attention. Extreme sports feats are remarkable enough in their own right, but in order for those who aren’t actually there in person to experience them, they need to be recorded and broadcast. And it makes sense that that’s a particularly challenging job, and one that comes with a lot of risks. It’s good to see Real Sports exploring this, and shedding some light on those who produce some of the remarkable extreme sports footage we see.

The full Risky Business segment can be seen on HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Tuesday at 10 ET/PT.

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