HBO’s annual training camp docuseries Hard Knocks has taken a few knocks of its own in recent years.

Last year’s two-team version focusing on the LA Rams and Chargers, respectively, wasn’t the ratings draw that other editions have been, and the weirdness of a pandemic season made things hard for everyone involved while muting a lot of fan interest. The venerable behind-the-scenes doc has a real shot to rebound this year though for one obvious reason: the Dallas Cowboys.

Their intrigue as a franchise might not be what it was in the 90s, but it’s still just about the best-case scenario for HBO, which will premiere the first episode of the new season on August 10th.

One week out, we have our first trailer for the season:

It’s hard not to get fired up for football watching Dak Prescott drop back in slow-motion before slinging bombs all over the yard. It is interesting that the trailer mainly features play on the field, rather than the off-field drama that often makes up the best part of the show. That said, it is just a one-minute trailer, and as a hype video, it does the job it set out to do.

Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys premieres August 10th at 10 PM Eastern on HBO and HBO Max.

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