Bomani Jones and Jake Paul

In early February, Bomani Jones asked YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul what happens if he loses his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury. Paul responded by telling the host of Game Theory that he didn’t plan on losing and that he didn’t even know who Jones was.

Jones: After Tommy Fury, where do you go from there? What happens if you lose one of these fights?
Paul: I don’t plan on losing. I don’t train to lose. I feel like that’s probably your mindset. A lot of people try to project their mindsets…
Jones: Ain’t no projecting of a mindset. My question is, this is work because we’re all surprised that you keep winning these fights, right? But if somebody does beat you, how much interest stays in this when it stops being surprising?
Paul: They won’t. And I’m gonna be honest bro, I don’t know who the fuck you are. My PR team set up this interview.
Jones: Dude, all I know about you is that people don’t like you.

Paul did indeed lose his match, and, like so many other people, Bomani took some pleasure in seeing the very vocal pugilist get brought back down to Earth.

“How’d that fight turn out?” asked Jones following Fury’s split-decision victory on Sunday.

In response to one Twitter user’s defense of Paul for fighting a “real” boxer for once, Jones laid out his realistic outlook on Paul’s boxing career and the hype that surrounded it.

“The best trick paul pulled — and we fell for this on Game Theory, to a degree — was passing off a reality tv star off as a ‘legit boxer.’ His record is about the same as [brother Jake Paul’s]. The dude’s hustle is strong. we’ll see where it goes from here,” said the Game Theory host.

When someone else asked Jones “who are you,” he had a new response to that question this time.

“Just a dude who didn’t get his *** kicked in front of the world today,” said Jones.

Paul and Fury agreed to a rematch after their bout on Sunday, so we’ll have to see if there’s redemption in the cards for the YouTuber. Win or lose, there’s sure to be a strong sentiment against him given many of his antics over the years.

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