May 21, 2023; Rochester, New York, USA; Michael Block acknowledges the fans on the 18th green during the final round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Oak Hill Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

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If the script isn’t already being written then it should be. There is no easier and more natural story to sell to Hollywood than what PGA club pro Michael Block achieved at the PGA Championship. While Brooks Koepka was on his way to a career-defining fifth major, Block’s name was the one that was the top trend on Twitter, Block was getting all the love, and Block was the one getting the invite the morning after onto Good Morning America.

Consider everything that happened this week. A month ago, Block won Stroke Play Classic #2 at his home course in California and took home $1,600. With his T15 finish in the PGA Championship, he won $288,000.

But it wasn’t just the money of course, it was the story of a 46 year old club pro living his dream, competing with the best in the world, and providing highlights that were truly once-in-a-lifetime moments. Block was already the feel-good story of the weekend with his quality of play, everyman persona, and viral down-to-earth reactions. Then he only went and made a hole-in-one during what was already the biggest and brightest moment of his life. That doesn’t happen in the real world!

Block’s story has literally every element that a good sports movie could ask for. It’s a real life story with a main character that everyone can connect to. It’s got the underdog David vs Goliath motif of Block holding his own competing with the best in the world. And it has the storybook ending with his hole-in-one and clutch putt on the 18th green to qualify for next year’s tournament. It’s like Tin Cup without the dozen balls in the water that comes before the climactic triumph. If the universe can put out something like Caddyshack II, surely we can get Blocky: The Michael Block Story made.

With apologies to skeptics and haters (sorry Big Randy), Block’s story really was that good and more importantly, that real. There’s no creative license that needs to be taken here. Show us Block at his home course living his normal life, making it to the PGA, getting a hole-in-one, and his dramatic up-and-down on the last. End it with the emotional calls of multiple tournaments inviting him to play on sponsors exemptions. Much like his historic ace on the 15th hole, the next great sports movie should be a slam dunk.

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